Job Feeds

Guidelines for working with job feeds.

Field and format requirements to prepare your Jobs Feed for upload to MyAlerts. View File Requirements for general feed requirements.

  • Tab-delimited recommended for superior import quality.
  • reqid is required for any update files containing subsets of data.

Required Fields

HeaderValueMin / MaxFormat
urljob landing url-- / --Percent encoded URL

If not available, contact MyAlerts to provide a consistent product url pattern.
req_idrequisition id4 / 32Percent encoded text
titlejob title0 / 128HTML encoded text
descriptionjob details0 / 2048HTML encoded text
engagementengagement type-- / --choose one: full-time, part-time, contract, contract-to-hire, temporary, seasonal, intern
posting_startsposted date-- / --ISO 8601 Date Format
posting_endsexpiration date-- / --ISO 8601 Date Format
staterequisition status-- / --choose one: open, filled, canceled
languagelanguage3 / 3ISO 639-3 Macrolanguage Code
location_countrycountry2 / 2ISO 3166-2 Country Code
location_subdivisionsubdivision2 / 2ISO 3166-2 Subdivision Extension
location_citycity0 / 64HTML encoded text
location_postcodepostal code0 / 16HTML encoded text
compensation_amountwage / salary amount1 / 32positive integer
compensation_currencycurrency type-- / --choose one: usd, cad
compensation_intervalfrequency of payment-- / --choose one: annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly
compensation_benefitsdescription of benefits1 / 512HTML encoded text

Optional Fields

HeaderValueMin / MaxFormat
educationdesired education0 / 512HTML encoded text
experiencedesired experience0 / 512HTML encoded text
certificationdesired certification0 / 512HTML encoded text
skillsdesired skills0 / 64 per skillJSON encoded Array[String]

Additional Fields

Additional fields may be added by prefixing the column header with an underscore, e.g. _specialty.

Field Requirements

TypeMin / MaxFormat
Header4 / 33text
Value0 / 128HTML encoded text OR JSON encoded Array[String]

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Job Feeds

Guidelines for working with job feeds.

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