Product Feeds

Guidelines for working with product feeds.

Field and format requirements to prepare your Product Feed for upload to MyAlerts. View File Requirements for general feed requirements.

  • Tab-delimited recommended for superior import quality.
  • sku is required for any update files containing subsets of data.

Note: Your feed file should include all products in your catalog to accurately track status, even if those products are not currently in-stock.

Required Fields

HeaderValueMin / MaxFormat
urlproduct landing url-- / --Percent encoded URL

If not available, contact MyAlerts to provide a consistent product url pattern.
skustock keeping unit4 / 32Percent encoded text
barcodeUPC, EAN, or GTIN8 / 14UPC, EAN, or GTIN
brandbrand name0 / 32HTML encoded text
namename0 / 64HTML encoded text
descriptionshort product description0 / 512HTML encoded text
categorycategory tiers0 / 512HTML encoded text delimited by >
e.g. Appliances > Washers & Dryers > Dryers
price_current_amountcurrent price-- / --positive integer
price_current_currencycurrent price currency format-- / --choose one: usd, cad
inventory_stateinventory state-- / --choose one: in-stock, out-of-stock, pre-order, discontinued
inventory_countinventory count-- / --unformatted positive integer (no separators)
image_main_labelmain image alt text0 / 32HTML encoded text
image_main_urlmain image url-- / --Percent encoded URL
image_main_widthmain image width-- / --positive integer
image_main_heightmain image height-- / --positive integer
image_thumb_labelthumbnail alt text0 / 32HTML encoded text
image_thumb_urlthumbnail image url-- / --Percent encoded URL
image_thumb_widththumbnail image width-- / --positive integer
image_thumb_heightthumbnail image height-- / --positive integer

Optional Fields

HeaderValueMin / MaxFormat
modelmodel number0 / 32Percent encoded text
price_member_amountmember price-- / --positive integer
price_member_currencymember price currency format-- / --choose one: usd, cad
price_suggested_amountmsrp-- / --positive integer
price_suggested_currencymsrp currency format-- / --choose one: usd, cad
variant_ofparent model number0 / 32Percent encoded text
variant_colorvariant color0 / 32HTML encoded text
variant_sizevariant size0 / 32HTML encoded text
variant_texturevariant texture0 / 32HTML encoded text

Additional Fields

Additional fields may be added by prefixing the column header with an underscore, e.g. _variant_height.

Field Requirements

TypeMin / MaxFormat
Header4 / 33HTML encoded text
Value0 / 128HTML encoded text OR JSON encoded Array[String]